Manage Winsock and send Emails with Visual FoxPro.


SendMail : Specifications

Class name : VFP_Winsock_Send_Mail
Properties :

Name T Optional
Default value Description Version
SMTP_Host C Obligatory reg. value
Name or ip of SMTP server, open for relay for the sender 1.00
SMTP_Port C Optional 25 TCP port of SMTP server 1.00
SMTP_TimeOut C Optional 60 Timeout (in seconds) for connection to SMTP server 1.00
SMTP_HELO C Optional SMTP_Host Name of HOST sended in  HELO step 1.11
From C Obligatory reg. value
Email of the sender 1.00
From_Name C Optional this.From
or reg.value.  (v1.06)
Name of the sender 1.00
To C Obligatory none Email of the recipient. Multi-recipients separated by "," 1.00
To_Name C Optional this.To Name of the recipient 1.00
Cc C Optional none Email of the contact in copy.
Multi-recipients separated by ","
Cc_Name C Optional this.Cc Name of the Contact in Copy. 1.00
Cci C Optional none Email of the Contact in Invisible Copy.
Multi-recipients separated by ","
Subject C Optional none Email subject 1.00
Message C Optional none Text of the Message. (the class adds the header) 1.00
Erreur C Read Only Read Only Error message. 1.00
Version C Read Only Read Only Version number of the class 1.00
TraceFile C Optional none Name of the file of trace (log) to generate 1.01
Auth_Login C Optional none the login in esmtp mode (authenticated smtp) 1.02
Auth_password C Optional none the password in esmtp mode 1.02
Silence L Optional .T. no message in execution (for compilation in MTDLL) 1.03
Attachment C Optional none files to be attached (separated by ",") 1.03
Data_mhtml C Optional none Name of the file mhtml has to use for the body of the message. 1.04
Priority C(1) Optional "3" "1" or "High"
"5" or "Low"
"3" or "Normal"
Eml_Dir_Send C Optional none Generate file.eml in this directory 1.07
Eml_File_Send C Optional Send_date_time.eml Name of last generated file.eml 1.07
CodePage C Optional iso-8859-1 CodePage 1.08
Content_Transfer_Encoding C Optional quoted-printable Content Transfert Encoding 1.12
Notification L Optional .F. ask recipient 1.09
MessageHTML C Optional none Text of the Message. (the class adds the heading) 1.12
Sensitivity C(1) Optional none "0"-"Normal"

Methods :

Name Parameters Return Value Description Version
Send() none .T. / .F. T. if message dispatched .
.F. if error occurs, then this.error contains the error string
Dump() [name of text file]
Default : This.TraceFile
Default :  VFP_Winsock_Send_Mail_datetime().txt
name of text file List properties in a text file for debugging 1.17
Reset() none none Reset all properties 1.20


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